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Get paid to drink with bevRAGE, our new favorite money-saving app

January 16, 2017 Wine/Spirits No Comments

Getting paid to drink – it seems too good to be true, but with a new app called bevRAGE, you can get cash back anytime you go out for a drink (or purchase alcohol in store). What about the tiny print? and the many rules that you have to follow? You won’t be faced with them, as this app is completely straight forward and you’ll have money in your bank account in as little as 48 hours.



How to earn money back on Bevrage

  1. Sign up for Bevrage via iTunes or Google Play. Enter in my personal code – DJVMYEEQ – if you would be so kind – and you’ll automatically earn a $2 bonus in your account. (Full disclosure, I will too.)
  2. Scroll through the offers.  Be sure to enter in your zip code so you will see the current offers in your area and whether you’ll be shopping in a store or at a bar/restaurant, as the offers will vary depending on where you make the purchase.   These will change each week and only a limited number will be issued (I haven’t had to deal with any offers running out, though.)
  3. If you find an offer you like, click on the deal and save the deal. You can save multiple deals at once and they’ll be stored in your file. Offers range from simply ordering a glass of wine (Chardonnay, Merlot, etc.) or beer (ie. IPA or Lager) – or a particular brand.
  4. Drink or shop anywhere.
  5. Select the offer that you’d like to redeem (that you just purchased). More than one offer can be redeemed at once.
  6. Snap a photo of the receipt & submit it for review. I do this before even leaving the bar/restaurant.
  7. Connect your account to your paypal account and receive payment within 48 hours. You can also receive a check in the mail and a check will be issued once you redeem $20.
  8. Share this with all of your drinking buddies.

While many of the offers give you $1 off, some offers – pertaining to a certain brand of alcohol will save you even more. For example, right now (Jan. 16, 2017), you’ll get $5 back if you order a Plymouth Gin Cocktail or $3 with an order of Disaronno. Cheers to that!

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